Michael Moritz from Sequoia On the Tech Ecosystem – Disrupt SF 2013

"Humble Begginings" -  Sequoia Capital

“Humble Begginings” – Sequoia Capital

Tools in the field 1750 – disconected from consumers, life as before (not much changes from one generation to another. Parents teach children. Now, children teach parents).

NorthWest UK and then Detroit – Centralization of tools, migration to factories. Products made to consumers, stored, sold. Insolated from consumers too.White and Blue collar workers

The data factory (ej: Sillicon Valley)

  • Bandwith
  • Storage
  • Computation (calculator -> pc -> laptons-> Smartphone-Consoles)
  • The App Explosion (in the last 4 years)
  • Tools in perspective: Peak production (674 Millions smartphones en 2013, previous 17 Millions washing machines in 2007)
  • Tools become free (or nearly), and thats from bigs and small companies as for individuals.
  • Tools to contribute
  • In 1993, manufacture our Smartphone processor would cost 33.000.000$. Just the processor. Imagine how would cost manufacture the smartphone, with camera, GPS, accelerometer…

The Personal Revolution:

  • Free content. Ej: LinkedIn high profile unpaid contributors: Barak Obama, Bill gates, Arianna Huffington, etc.
  • 25% books directly edited by author in Kindle
  • Less people needed
  • Conecteed to customers
  • House income from 1960 hasn´t rise despite the women incorporation of women into the labor
  • -30% minimum wages.

Wordwide Change (Industrial Revolution) China.

*Instacart, TaskRabbits, oDesk, eLance.

The Personal Revolution Explodes around the world. “Life is taugh for middle class”.



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